Sunday, June 8

This is my new bird feeder and baffle system, too funny to watch the squirrels now that they can't get to the feeder, I actually think they have been moping about the woods. MY cardinals are happy though.

My boxes are doing great, first time I have planted them.

I think all parties involved did an excellent job!
Sorry this post is kind of all over the place, I am still learning.
Have a blessed day!


Sandy said...

Your patio looks great!! Hope you had a nice weekend. It is way too hot for my taste right now, given it's early June. I'm ready for it to cool down.

Laura said...

How lovely!! You guys did a fantastic job. I guess it's too hot to enjoy right now huh - I know it is here!! I foresee many, many evenings...once it cools down...enjoying your beautiful patio.