Thursday, October 23


Happy Thursday everyone, hope you are having a good day. This card is for today's ways to use it sketch, we were to make our card focused around one word. My word is "friend" Guess I have been focused on thinking about friends and friendships I have lately, or maybe on the friendships I "thought" I had. I think that people today just don't have time to invest in a true friendship. Do you continue to invest time into a friendship when the people on the other end just don't seem to want to or don't have the time to? OH well, that is enough of a rant for me.. I tried a new technique today called the cracked window technique, I heat embossed my main image twice and then froze it and cracked it, I think I needed to emboss it a few more times for a better look. I distressed all my panels with Tim Holtz tea dye. I even distressed the ribbon with dye(another first for me). I really like the way this card looks. I stuck with the layout from yesterdays sketch challenge, I really like the look.
Be Blessed!


StampinAngelJenn said...

Awwww.... my friend - I am sorry you are feeling sad, I know what you mean and it's so hard. I'm sending you a big old hug, my friend.
Peace, Jenn

Laura said...

As this. I have not tried this day. I think I will email you with a response to your comment...friends...well. Keep up the beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about giving your all to a friend. Well, stephanie...even though we are just blogging friends, you can talk to me whenever. By the way, gorgeous card.

Julie said...

Beautiful card, haven't tried the distressing, but you've given me inspiration. I know exactly what you mean with regard to friends. My mom always tells me that not everyone is like me, and I can't expect everyone to be as thoughtful as me. I'm trying, but it's hard.

Anonymous said...

I thought I needed to put more layers of EP too...but figured out that it really was just the humidity of where I live (the tropics) that was impeding the whole show.

Your "glass" may crack better if you chuck the image in the freezer...and then after 10 minutes...get your hands in the freezer and do the cracking in there! I have had no trouble since with some really great cracking happening.

The problem before was ...By the time I had taken it out of the freezer and walked a few feet, the image had warmed up. It would bend but not crack. Now, tis perfect every time.

(Qld. Australia)
SCS Blogger 3