Monday, October 20

Have you ever seen a......

Walking stick bug? I had heard of them but had never seen one... Yesterday Steve and I went out for our walk and this big guy was on the pillar of our front porch so naturally I had to take a picture. Today I had to do some research on this bug, very interesting reading is all I can say!

Stick Insects or Phasmids (Phasmatoidea, Phasmatidae) encompass about 2,700 known Insect species. With their long bodies that give them a twig-like appearance, Phasmids are almost invisible among the leaves of trees. When They are disturbed, Phasmids will lay motionless for hours pretending to be a stick. Sometimes, They will sway to mimic a twig blowing in the wind.
To avoid being eaten, Phasmids have many unique defenses. Although Most rely on passive camouflage to avoid predators, many large Phasmids have large spines on their hind legs for self-defense. Other Phasmids will discourage their attackers by regurgitating food at them or by squirting them with poison. American Walking Stick (Anisomorpha bupestiordes) sprays his intruder with a chemical spray that causes blindness.
Female Phasmids can reproduce without mating. (This got a hmmm from me!) Some populations consist entirely of mature Females and their Offspring. The Young are identical to their Mother. Sometimes Mother Phasmid will search for a rare Male to mate with. She will either find Him with his Friends or will attract Him by emitting a seductive scent.
Unlike other Insects, many people like to have Phasmids as pets. Usually all They require is blackberry leaves and water to thrive. However, They do prefer to have their leaves in their cages lightly misted.
Phasmids teach about having as many choices as possible. For example, people call Them by many names--Walking Stick, Stick Insect, or Stick Bug. Female Phasmids can reproduce with or without a mate. Phasmids defend Themselves in various ways. Some simply become still, while Others will squirt a poison. In life, it is important to have many options available to you.
Stick Insect ! Walking Stick! Stick Bug’s Teachings Include:
“Although supportive, Stick Insect encourages us to never use our past as an emotional crutch.” Copyright: “Animal Dreaming”, Scott Alexander King.
Stick Insect ! Walking Stick! Stick Bug’s Wisdom Includes:
Being Patient
Focusing on Your Own Activities
Hiding in Plain Sight
Blending In
Being Out of the Ordinary
Being Accepted for What You Are

Come to find out this was probably a she not a he... and you thought you came here today to look at a card... LOL!!!
I guess we are truly never to old to learn new things...
Be blessed!


Tiffany Bauer said...

I have seen these and they always freak me out!!! As do ALL insects!!!
Thanks for the read, I learned alot about them, but still don't like them!!LOL!!

Sandy said...

I have never seen one of these that I know of ... of course it would be easy to just think it was a stick. Weird.

Guess what I saw recently when walking my dog?? A copperhead ... luckily it was dead because if not, my dog probably would have been since she found it. Really freaked me out.

StampinAngelJenn said...

LOL Those are weird, huh? There are bugs that look like little leaves, too.... great camo! That picture came out really good!