Thursday, May 28

Happy Father's Day x5

First off let me say Happy Anniversary to my DH, 26 years baby and what a ride it has been. Looking forward to the years ahead. This is a custom order I did for a lady who does in home day care, she wanted these for her kids to give to their dads for Father's Day! I need to apologize to my blogger friends for not posting to their blogs lately, I have been working on this order and I have another order for 20 cards I am trying to get in the mail by the weekend, things will be back to normal soon.

PS blogger is giving me a hard time with punctuation, so if it seems messed up it is not my fault.


pinky said...

First HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH. Love the cards, that teddy is so cute.

Cheryl Walker said...

Happy Anniversary hun!!! Love the boxs they are tooo cute!!!!

Angie Williams said...

Those are just so cute!

Chrissy's Creations said...

Happy Anniversary! The cards are just adorable! I love the teddy bear.

Jenn Borjeson said...

Love them!