Tuesday, October 7

Another day, another card!

I made this cute little note card for this weeks
High Hopes Challenge, we were to use blue, brown, green and a neutral color. I thought it was just blue and brown and was going to make another card when I noticed the green in the stems so I am using this one. I think this little guy is just the cutest, reminds me of the little guy form the "Little Rascals". DH is home today not feeling well, he turned down apple pie last night (gasp) so I knew he was really not feeling well, and for him to call in sick you know something is really up. He is still sleeping. Well I really need to find my desk but I would still like to do the OCC challenge so hmmmmm, what do you think will happen?
Be Blessed,


~ j said...

lovely coloring. beautiful card :)

Julie said...

He is cute. Great coloring, love the flowers.

Anonymous said...

He is simply cute...I really love the card.

Nicole's Scrappin' Corner said...

so super cute!
love the coloring. tfs>