Sunday, November 16

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope you are having a good weekend...We went to church today and it was a great service and then came home... I wanted to get some Thanksgiving cards done today and I have completed 8, I have about 7 more to go.. Torn between finishing tonight or work on some Christmas projects, tune in tomorrow to see what I did.
Be Blessed!


Maria said...

wow....great job coloring in all your images and to do so many of them! very pretty fall colors. tfs.

Melanie said...

Beautiful cards! I just love this time of year.
Blessings to you!
-Melanie, Blogger Group #3

Carmen said...

Super cute!! Just love fall colors!

Jaspere said...

Love those fall cards and congrats on getting so many of them done. I guess I should get started, huh?

Sandy said...

Love your Thanksgiving cards, Steph!! I almost bought that Lockhart stamp, but talked myself out of it.

Sarah Peale said...

These are perfect! I've always loved that stamp!